Project Objectives:
Distinct Brand Identity: Develop a distinct and recognizable brand identity for the MLRKY Media umbrella of podcasts.
Cohesive Visual Language: Create a consistent visual language from the Malarkey Pod brand to its parent company MLRKY Media.
Enhanced Audience Engagement: Design compelling social media art to promote the brand and increase engagement.
Options developed for client:
Chosen option
Results and Impact:
Strengthened Brand Identity: Our branding solutions helped MLRKY Media establish a strong and distinct brand identity that will support each of its podcasts. My visual identity improved brand recognition and enhanced the overall brand equity.
Consistent Brand Experience: By creating a cohesive visual language between Malarkey POD and MLRKY Media, we facilitated the listener’s brand experience. The use of the same color scheme fostered familiarity, building trust, and increasing measurable engagement among the client's audience.
Ongoing Partnership: The client's return for two subsequent engagements demonstrated their confidence in our branding expertise and the value we brought to their brand identity. Our ongoing collaboration ensures continued support for their branding needs as their podcast portfolio evolves.
Client feedback


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