NorthStar Church Network Branding
A swaddled star that represents the organization's mission of embracing and supporting churches. Logo and stationery finished in Illustrator.
NorthStar Church Network Web Design
Created in Photoshop and exported for development.
Adro Vira Brand
Logo and stationery created in 24-hours for the international relations company.
Salt & Light Publication Design
Use of the Adobe trifecta of Illustrator, Photoshop and finished product in InDesign.
Arlington Community Foundation Publications
Developed in InDesign with vector art in Illustrator.
FBCA Communications
Led the social media team, developed a system for fast production of graphics, distributed weekly print and digital publications, and managed the FBCA brand.
Beans & Rice Event Branding
Designed in Photoshop and some vector art created in Illustrator.
eNewsletter Design
Edited in InDesign for a government contractor.
Volun-Tour Event Brand Design
Developed in Photoshop with color theory principles in mind.
Altah Logo
Created in 24-hours for the music label.
Graceland Sunday Brand Design
Created in Illustrator for a Grace Community Church event meant to restore the fun and carelessness of childhood within the community.
CIFOR Publication Design
80-page document created in InDesign for the Association of Public Health Laboratories.
Synnrgy Wall Art
Collection available at
Mobile photography from around the world.
Luminous Label Design
Created in 24-hours with a mix of Photoshop and Illustrator.
Brand Design
Volunteer event branding/marketing created in Photoshop.
Know It All Apparel
Created in Illustrator for a customer service team.
Providence Branding
Logo design and brand guidelines created in Illustrator.
Source Code Logo
Created in Illustrator for a Nigerian IT company.
Formula 56 Apparel
Created in Photoshop for a Sunday school class for 5th and 6th graders.
Belcan Graphics
Proposal graphics created in InDesign, according to government requirements and standards.
Toy Box Branding
Developed for a videography company in Virginia.
Video Production
Variety of experiences with Adobe Premiere, DSLRs and mobile video.
Color Lab
Where I unwind and explore color combinations. More samples to come...
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